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Lamesa Church of Christ


The Lord’s church in Lamesa dates back to 1907, when a group of Christians began meeting in a private home. The first building owned by the church was a white frame house, which was built in 1911, on a piece of property located at the corner of N. 1st St. and Ave. F in Lamesa. Over the years, as funds were available, and as the church began to grow, the building was enlarged, until it became a very functional building which included a basement that housed many classrooms for Bible study, as well as a large area and kitchen which would accommodate the church for its fellowship meals. The auditorium of the building had a seating capacity of 850. The church was enjoying steady growth as the community was experiencing growth.

In 1957, property was purchased in what was the southern part of the city, on N. 14th St., between Ave. F and Ave. G. It was soon decided that because of the growth of Lamesa, there was a need to build a new building, and to start a second congregation of the Lord’s people. A small building was constructed on the east side of the property, and in 1963, the first worship service was held in what would become known as the N. 14th St. church. Some from the “Downtown” congregation had made a commitment to move their membership to the new congregation, and some were committed to stay with the older congregation. The first Sunday that worship services were held in the new building saw an overflow crowd, requiring chairs to be brought in to accommodate all who were in attendance. Soon, plans were drawn to expand the building on N. 14th St., and about 1965, that additional constructed was completed to include a larger auditorium in which to worship, extra classrooms, and new office facilities.

Lamesa Church of Christ, Lamesa Texas
Auditorium Interior - Lamesa Church of Christ

The Church


The church in Lamesa has always been strong, and for many years, two congregations functioned cooperatively within the city, with both congregations enjoying large memberships, and strong, faithful leadership. In July of 1991, the elders from both congregations met to discuss the possibility of combining the two congregations into one. Lamesa began to experience a decline in its population, and as the age of the members of both congregations began to be felt, the elders of the Downtown congregation began to realize that perhaps it was time to once again have only one congregation in Lamesa. On Aug. 4, 1991, the two congregations met together for the first time in the building on N. 14th St., and the church came to be known as the Lamesa Church of Christ. The building that had housed the Downtown congregation for so many years was soon given to Dawson County, and is today serving as the office of the District Attorney and the county probation offices.

Today, the church in Lamesa is an active, Bible-based group of Christians, whose emphasis is placed on preaching and teaching the word of God locally, and around the world through a very active missions program.