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Mission work has defined the emphasis of the Lamesa Church of Christ for many years. Our work in the mission field around the world has been the anchor of our yearly budget, and Lord willing, will continue to be so. Our support of these works has not only been confined to monetary support, but many of our members have had opportunity, over the years, to visit and to be directly involved in several of the mission points we are involved with.


Rui Diogo and his wife Nadia have been a part of our Mission efforts since 2014. Natives of Brazil, their work could best be defined as a church planting ministry. They have been instrumental in church plants in the cities of Caxias do Sul, Pelotas, and Ponta Grossa. They are presently working in Foz do Iguacu. These are all cities of well over 200,000, of which 95% are Catholic. Their work has shown great success as the church begins small, and with their help, grows to maturity.
Brazil Missionaries Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX
Trinidad Missionaries Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX


Winston Clarke, Jr., better known as Junior, is a native Trinidadian and is a graduate of the Trinidad School of Preaching and Teaching. He graduated in 1994 as the class Salutatorian and has been a full-time teacher in the school for the past 18 years. Junior also serves as the evangelist for the Princes Town congregation on the island of Trinidad. Junior and his wife, Jemma, have 3 children. Junior’s work in Princes Town is one of the most productive and vibrant among all the congregations on the island of Trinidad. The church in Lamesa began the support of Junior during the middle of the year in 2014.


Steffen Pietsch and Alex Bartsch are both native Germans who are Christians because of the preaching efforts of missionaries in their home town of Chemnitz. Steffen and Alex work together to continue to grow and mature the church in Chemnitz. They are also active in the training of young men for preaching and teaching tasks, and are active in community outreach as they continue the effort of spreading the gospel of Christ in Chemnitz. Steffen is married to Doreen, and they have a daughter named Velony. Alex is married to Barbara and they have two sons named Ruben and Achim.

Germany Missionaries Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX


The Christian Student Center on the campus of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming has been a part of our mission effort for over 30 years. One of the most evangelistic campus ministries, this work is now under the direction of Jon Phillips. Jon is following in the footsteps of such dedicated men as Joe DiGiorgio, Mike Christensen, Joe Brumfield, and Brian Lombardi, and most recently, Jess Simpson.


The distribution of Bibles is the primary focus of EEM. Their unique work has been instrumental in placing Bibles in schools in many Eastern European countries, where they are being used as textbooks. The ministry has schools asking for Bibles, and they are doing all they can to provide them.

EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSION Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX


Tim and Terra King have been a part of our Mission efforts since 2013, when they moved to Rapid City to work along side their co-workers, and help to establish the Lord’s church in that area. The church is weak in that part of the United States, but through their efforts, the church is growing stronger daily. Tim is a graduate of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. Tim and Terra have 5 children: Kassidy, Katie, Hezekiah, Maverick, and Barrett.

South Dakota Missionaries Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX


The training of Spanish speaking men to be preachers of the gospel of Christ is the mission of the Quito School of Biblical Studies, located in the South American city of Quito, Ecuador. Students come to Quito to study the Bible, and to be trained in evangelism, and then return to their native home with a 10 year commitment to preach the gospel and establish the Lord’s church. The school is under the direction of Josh Marcum, the son of Kent and Sharla Marcum, who are now working as stateside fundraisers for QSOBS. Josh is married to Julie, and they have four children: Michaela, Eliana, Jana, and Enoch.

We are also supporting the work of the Kumanii Christian Center which is about 3 hours by motor canoe up the Cayapas River in northern Ecuador . The Christian Center is in the rainforest of Ecuador, and is under the leadership of the QSOBS. The camp-like setting is being used to meet the needs of those people along the river who are somewhat isolated because of their location. The center is being used to conduct periodic Medical Missions to help with the health issues of the river people, and is being used as an outreach through which the gospel of Christ is being preached to those folks.


The Gospel Chariot Ministry is a unique effort to spread the gospel that originally began in the southern part of the continent of Africa, and has begun to spread into Cuba, Mexico, and the Latin American countries of Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, with efforts expanding onto the South American continent in Venezuela and Ecuador. The work involves the use of specially built trucks that travel from one area to another, equipped with a foldout tent, and a baptistery, which have been instrumental in the teaching and baptism of literally thousands over the years. The work is the brainchild of George Funk, a native South African, who has tremendous heart for evangelism.

Gospel Chariots Truck Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX


For over 45 years, the Lamesa church of Christ has been involved with the Trinidad School of Preaching on the south Caribbean island of Trinidad. In January of 2017, Dominic Dos Santos was named as the new director for the school. Dominic is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, and for 23 years served as an evangelist of the San Fernando church of Christ, which houses the school. He is himself a graduate of the Trinidad School of Preaching, and holds a degree in Psychology and Counseling, as well as a Master degree in Family Life Education. He and his wife, Anastasia, have one son, Paul. Having taken the responsibility of Director for the school, Dominic brings a great love for the gospel, and an enthusiastic approach to helping to make the school one of the brightest instruments for training gospel preachers and teachers for churches across the Caribbean.

Trinidad School of Preaching Lamesa Church of Christ Lamesa, TX